Bitcoin explained simply

There is a lot of chatter around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies out there. And yes, those have become somewhat mainstream. We selected two neat videos as an intro for anyone keen to learn more about what bitcoin is and what impact it may have on our society.

Bitcoin made simple

British daily The Guardian has created this beautiful and straightforward explanation of bitcoin. From solving the challenge of middlemen (brokers, representatives, etc.) in financial transactions to the fundamental question of trust, The Guardian's animated video managed to make bitcoin simple!

Cryptocurrencies' impact on the economy and the society

The below animated video is a non-profit initiative by designers Patrick Loonstra, Sebas van den Brink and entrepreneurs Lykle de Vries and Rutger van Zuidam. The latter is also behind on whose channel the video was first released.

As it highlights, "the monetary aspect is just the tip of the iceberg". The below video is a great explainer of the blockchain and the impact of a decentralised ledger on all aspects of human activity. Bitcoin's role as an enabler of automatisation is illustrated through relevant examples.

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Article origin ally written by Romain Braud