How to Upgrade Your Bity Account to the Next Level

At Bity, we are compliant with Swiss regulation frameworks aiming to prevent money laundering. That is why the team follows proper know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Therefore different exchange limits exist, depending on identity verification levels.

Upgrading your account to a higher level is straightforward: just check the steps below and you will be able to buy and sell more cryptoassets.

Basic account

With a Basic account, your daily limit is 1'000 EUR/CHF and you can go up to 4'000 EUR/CHF annually. There's nothing easier than reaching this level. Indeed, you just need to provide us with your phone number and your email address! Your phone number is also used to add a security layer to your account.


You will then be able to record your Bitcoin/Ether wallet public address. The wallet is where we will send you the cryptoassets. To do so, please click on the tab "My public addresses". Copy and paste your addresses on the page shown below, then click Save.

A text message with a code will be sent to you for confirmation and security; please enter this code. You are ready to proceed!

Adding and managing bitcoin/ether public adresses on

Standard account

To add the required documents for a standard account, go under the tab "My Info" and click the "Add Document" button.


To reach this level, please upload a copy of a valid ID card (front and back) or passport. Please note that driving licenses, residency permits or expired documents are not accepted.

Choose which personal identity document to upload.

You can then choose the type of document you want to add. In this case, ID or passport.


When you are done adding the needed documents, you can refresh the page and submit them for verification by clicking on the green arrow button, as shown below.

Send documents for verification to the Bity team.

Please note that you will need to complete one 'buy' order from your bank account for us to upgrade your account to this level. To do, fill in the bank account details on this page:


Congrats! You have a standard account which raises your yearly limit to 4'000 EUR/CHF.

And the bonus: as a Standard account holder, you can now purchase within your yearly limit of 4'000 EUR/CHF all in one go!

Advanced account

Authorised limits for advanced accounts are: 50'000 EUR/CHF daily and 100'000 EUR/CHF annually. We need to ensure that those funds support no illicit activity. Please follow these four steps to reach the last identification level and access the highest limits on Bity!

  1. Enter your personal information details (name, address, nationality and birth date) in your account.

  2. Upload a proof of residence to your account. Such a proof can be a utility bill (Landline telephone, Internet connection, gas, water, electricity. Please note that a mobile phone bill will not be accepted as a valid proof of residence). It must not be older than three months and showing your name and address.

  3. Request for a video call session with a Bity staff member. You can do so on the live chat or by emailing the support at You will just need to hold the same ID/passport that the one you uploaded into your Bity account.

  4. Finally, download the beneficial owner form from this page:

Download the

Fill it in, print it and send it to us by post at:
Bity SA
44, Rue des Usines
2000 Neuchâtel


As soon as we receive your signed Beneficial Owner Form and verify it, we will upgrade your account to the 'Advanced' level. The form is processed as soon as it reaches our desk (and no, that is really swift, relax ;-) ).

You are now able to exchange cryptoassets to Bity's highest: enjoy!