Whitehat Withdrawal Contract - Final Deposit is Available

Today the remaining ETC in control of the Whitehat Group have been transferred to the Withdrawal contract.

  • Child DAO 101 : The last remaining ETC were recovered on the night of 4th of September. These funds were secured temporarily within the WHG wallet, and the 269,566.58 ETC were transferred today to the Withdraw Contract.

  • Converted ETC : During the first phase, it was planned to distribute ETH and not ETC to the DAO Token Holders. 1,013,279 ETC had been converted into 84,278 ETH, 1,174 BTC and 4,540 Euros. After receiving feedback from the community and exchanges, we decided to distribute directly in ETC. To do so, over the few last days, the ETC were bought back at an average rate of 0.1205 for ETH, 0.002367 for BTC and 1.07 for Euros. In total 1,199,777.62 ETC have been purchased, which provides for an additional 186,516.63 ETC that have been also transferred into the Withdraw Contract.

Where is The Withdraw Contract?

The Withdraw contract is now deployed at 0x9f5304da62a5408416ea58a17a92611019bd5ce3

How do I Retrieve my Share of ETC?

Please check the online Q&A

Some Statistics

Provided by https://daoc.codetract.io/

At the time of writing 4,303,030 ETC have been withdrawn, there are still 2,668,008 ETC available. DAO Token holders have generously donated about 38,000 ETC to the WHG.

Funds Movement

In the following 2 charts, you can track where the funds were at any moment between the start of the DAO drain and now. Those graphs contain links to the accounts, contracts and transactions related with every movement of the funds.



As explained in an earlier post, Poloniex and Kraken both had in custody almost half of the funds. During the night of the 31st of August, both exchanges sent the funds to the withdraw contract making it available to the DAO Token Holders. They have also distributed their share to the DAO Token Holders that were holding DAO tokens on block 1,919,999 on their exchange.

DarkDAO Distribution

The DarkDAO attacker withdrew 3.64 million ETC on September 6th 00:02 CET.
The funds are now located inside this address 0x5e8f0e63e7614c47079a41ad4c37be7def06df5a. At the time of writing most of the funds are intact except for 1,000 ETC the attacker donated to an address associated with ETC development. The WHG kindly ask that the recipient of these funds deposit the 1000 ETC to the withdraw contract so it can be distributed to its rightful owners.

We hope that the community will monitor the movements of the attacker’s funds. We would also like to encourage the attacker to send the rest of the funds in their control to the Withdraw Contract.

Community Support

Many members of the community provided support on Slack, Twitter and Reddit. The first day was intense as many DTH were trying to recover their funds and new issues were raised.

  • Lowercase addresses: using the withdraw function through the UI didn’t allow using addresses with integrated checksum. We updated the UI to automatically set the addresses to lowercase.

  • Wallet Contracts: one user contacted us as he was holding his DAO Tokens within a Wallet Contract. We prepared a special manual to enable to withdraw the ETC from a Wallet Contract.

  • Contract source code Verification: to make sure it was the same code running as the one we publish on our Github, an audit was performed. We did pass the test. You can see the methodology here: https://gist.github.com/chevdor/73ca9a1484a5adb17e21ce1a238318ca

  • During all that time, the Q&A was continuously updated.

Remaining Funds in the Withdraw Contract

Questions have been rightfully asked about the fate of funds never claimed. The funds will remain in the Withdraw Contract for 6 months (a period that can be extended). We feel that these funds should be donated to the DAO Token holders community where they originated from. After 6 months, we want to be able to donate these unclaimed funds to a community wide effort, like a foundation supporting smart contracts security. We want these funds to be used to develop the future of structures of Decentralized Governance, DAOs and smart contracts. We will see what options are available at the time.

Special Thanks

We want to thank all the active members of the community that helped make this process go so smoothly. They provided a lot of the tools that are being used, did a very important job and deserve to be acknowledged for their work.

And once again, we want to thank all the community members that are donating to the WHG ETC multisig wallet or the ETH wallet. This makes us stronger as a community and commits us to continue working for the Ethereum dream. For us, this is not only the best way to close this page in the history of cryptocurrencies but also the best way to open the next one. All of us are ready to focus on the next projects that will continue evolving this amazing technology which is bound to change the world.