The Whitehat Withdrawal Contract has been extended for 2 months

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It will soon be 6 months since the Whitehat Withdrawal Contract has been deployed. It was heavily used by the community. More than 6 Millions ETC were withdrawn, but there are still daily withdraw transactions. We want to give the community extra time to withdraw their share, so the funds will remain in the Withdraw Contract for an extra 2 months from today. The new expiry date is now April 15th . This transaction added 5,184,000 seconds to the withdrawal contract expiry date.

Where is The Withdraw Contract?

The Withdraw contract is deployed at 0x9f5304da62a5408416ea58a17a92611019bd5ce3.

How do I Retrieve my Share of ETC?

The easiest way to collect the funds is to run an old version of the site locally so you can still use their user interface. Running their user interface locally allows you to have all the functionality of normal contracts like sending tokens and interacting with contracts, while signing everything offline.

  1. Download v3.3.7 of MyEtherWallet.
  2. Click on
  3. Unzip it.
  4. Double-click index.html (works best in Chrome).

In case you are not familiar with this, you need to keep the entire folder in order to run the website, not just index.html. Don’t touch or move anything around in the folder.
Once you have it open…

  1. Go to The DAO page ([~]/dist-v3.3.7/index.html#the-dao in the toolbar).
  2. Click all the big red buttons.

As an alternative, you can use the etherscan hosted version of MyEtherWallet v3.3.7:

For more help, please check the online Q&A.

Some Statistics

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At the time of writing 6,393,543 ETC have been withdrawn, there are still 2,046,858 ETC available. DAO Token holders have generously donated about 68,644 ETC to the WHG.