How to get verified - From Basic to Expert

At Bity, we are compliant with Swiss regulation frameworks aiming to prevent money laundering. That is why the team follows proper know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Therefore we must ask for specific documentation for setting a transfer to BUY cryptocurrencies with EUR or CHF.

NOTE: If you want to SELL Crypto (ETH/BTC), you can do that up to 4000 CHF/EUR with only your email and phone. Check it out here. For higher amounts, you need to get verified.

Just check the steps below to know how to get ready to set your first BUY order and get some bitcoins (BTC) or ethers (ETH):

1) Provide us your phone number and your email address! Your phone number is also used to add a security layer to your account.

2) Go to the tab "My Info" and click the "Complete my profile" button.

  • Enter your personal information details (name, address, nationality and birth date) in your account.

  • Upload a copy of a valid ID card (front and back) or passport. Please note that driving licenses, residency permits or expired documents are not accepted. You can then choose the type of document you want to add. In this case, ID or passport.

  • Upload a proof of residence to your account. Such an evidence can be a utility bill (Landline telephone, Internet connection, gas, water, electricity. Please note that a mobile phone bill will not be accepted as a valid proof of residence). It must not be older than three months and showing your name and address.

  • Upload Registration Form Download the form, fill it in, and upload it. All information is required, an incomplete form will be rejected.

  • Upload Beneficial owner form Download the form, fill it in, and upload it. All information is required, an incomplete form will be rejected.

3) When you are done adding the needed documents, you can submit them for verification. Congrats! You have a complete basic account with a daily limit of 4'000 EUR/CHF and up to 4'000 EUR/CHF annually.

4) As soon as we receive all the documents and verify them, we will upgrade your account to the 'Standard' level. You are now able to exchange cryptoassets: enjoy!


Upgrading your account to a higher level, with higher annual limits, is as easy as creating your first BUY ORDER.

Once you have all your documents verified, you can now place your first order, we will check if your Bank Account match with the information provided. If everything is correct and your order is executed, you will be automatically upgraded to an advance account. Easy as that!

Authorised limits for advanced accounts are: 50'000 EUR/CHF daily and 100'000 EUR/CHF annually. Not bad after only one executed order!


Advanced is not enough for you? We have another level: Expert level.

For that, we required extra verification. We need to ensure that those funds support no illicit activity. That is why we will ask you for a video call session with a Bity staff member. You will just need to hold the same ID/passport that the one you uploaded into your Bity account.


If you have any doubt or need assistance, we will be very happy to help you. Find us on your portal dashboard, we are inside the little bubble on the bottom right. Open a conversation with us!