Currently hiring: 2 technical operators for managing Bitcoin ATM kiosks and network.

Bity, Switzerland’s leading crypto finance services provider, is after two talented technicians (automatician or electronician) to set up, install, fix, maintain, and improve our Bitcoin ATM (BTM) kiosks and network throughout Switzerland.

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We are looking to hire and will provide on-boarding and training for one technician right away, with the 2nd technician starting sometime in November. We are looking for both applicants to be fluent in English, but we also need one to be fluent in French and one in German.

About Bity

Bity is exploring and challenging the boundaries of traditional finance by opening up the world to a decentralized economy through the blockchain. We strive to create a future where any transaction that can be made with fiat money can also be made with cryptocurrencies, but empowering people to always be in complete control of their own funds.

As a Swiss-based FinTech startup, we are positioned at the intersection of finance, technology and innovation.

Candidate specifications:

  • EN fluent: written, read, spoken + fluent in either FR or DE.
  • Automatician or Electronician, have a Federal VET Diploma (CFC / EFZ) with experience.
  • Very comfortable with software and hardware.
  • Highly autonomous, willing to travel all around CH as needed.
  • Ideally will be local, such as in Neuchatel, Geneva or Zurich, with the ability to come into our office in Neuchatel daily if needed.
  • Ability to handle high stress tasks, deadlines, and situations with ease.
  • Ability to multi-task and problem solve with ease.
  • Must be eligible to work in Switzerland with no criminal background.
  • Managerial experience or experience as a Swiss army manager is a plus.
  • Great client communication skills are a must.
  • Familiarity with the cryptocurrency / blockchain space is a major plus.
  • Previous experience with, or the ability to quickly learn, task and project management cloud services like Slack, Gitlab.
  • Familiarity with markdown is a plus.
  • Security experience is a plus.

Workload and Responsibilities

Both applicants will be hired as full time employees (100%), with daily tasks as detailed below:

  • Set up and installation of BTMs.
  • BTM Maintenance.
  • Process defining and writing.
  • Client communication.
  • Team communication.
  • Project and task management.
  • Consumables and gear ordering.

Ready to apply?

If you’d like to join our dynamic team and get involved in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, please get in touch!

Complete your application by sending the below details to

  • Your CV and cover letter.
  • Your proficiency level with English / French or German and any certificates.
  • Copy of your Federal VET Diploma (CFC / EFZ).

Please answer these questions as well:

  • Where you are located.
  • If you have familiarity with machine set up and logistic organization.
  • If you have "Casier judiciaire et Extrait du registre des Poursuites / Strafregisterauszug und Auszug aus dem Betreibungsregister."
    • Documents do not need to be supplied until you come in for an interview.
  • If you have experience with markdown or any programming software.