Our CEO talks crypto finance in the Financial Times

In October, the Financial Times published an article about why “cryptocurrency exchanges must face up to responsibilities as they mature” if they are to catch up to traditional markets in terms of quality and functionality.

The piece touches on the idea that while the crypto market still faces many challenges, it has core differences and advantages unique only to the crypto space, including the ability to trade 24/7, incredibly fast (almost instant) settlements, and accessibility.

Our CEO Alexis Roussel was one of the key industry players that was interviewed for this story.

Alexis said, “the difference between traditional finance and cryptofinance is that someone with just 10 bucks can access the market.”

It’s our hope that one day all cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges will not only operate at a standard on par with traditional finance, but will evolve beyond them altogether, addressing the current system’s flaws and shortcomings such as exclusivity and a lack of transparency.

As a crypto finance services provider, we offer the chance for anyone in the world to access the market, regardless of their location or socio-economic status.

This is the future of finance we want to see; digital, inclusive and accessible for all.

You can read the full Financial Times article here.