How Bity’s support team is helping drive adoption of cryptocurrencies

In the emerging cryptocurrency space, support teams are one of the most relied upon resources. Here’s why:

Cryptocurrencies were created to help individuals be in complete control of their own money. But empowering the man on the street to do so is not so simple, even if the technology’s there.

It’s not hard to see why. For almost all of our adult lives, we put our finances in the hands of banks and other formal financial institutions. Regaining control of our money means relearning how to interact with it.

Luckily, newcomers do not have to make sense of the crypto world on their own. To ease the adoption process, at Bity we have a dedicated support team that are around to explain to users how wallets and cryptocurrency transactions work.

The journey to adoption starts with education

It would be easy to assume that crypto support teams operate similar to customer help desk operators, but their role often overlaps with the role of an educator. In fact, in most cases, responding to customer queries means dealing with the common misperceptions new crypto users have about the technology.

Meša, pictured below, who is part of the support Team at Bity said, “people often miss, or rather don’t understand the most important technicalities linked to cryptocurrencies and thus assume that our services have all the answers to all their questions.”

This isn’t the case because wallet providers, cryptocurrencies and Bity, as a cryptocurrency services provider are actually all separate entities working around blockchain technology. ”

Understandably, the initial deep dive into the crypto world can be intimidating but the learning process does come with a payoff in the long run.

“There is one customer who initially experienced frustration with adopting cryptocurrencies. He often came to us with beginner questions about how cryptocurrencies work. But over time spent explaining to him how the technology works, along with a lot of effort on his part to learn, he soon became an advanced cryptocurrency investor.”

It’s stories like this that motivate the Bity support team to help newcomers learn about how to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies.

New to crypto? Get familiar with how to keep your wallet secure

“We know how frustrating this can be and we empathise - the cryptocurrency world is a challenge to navigate.”

To get to a stage where cryptocurrency is normalised, the general public must be empowered to confidently manage their own wallets.

A big part of this means being able to deal with security issues.

“We deal with users who encounter a phishing attack or have the security of their devices compromised, which sadly leads to a loss of funds. Even though there is no security breach on Bity’s platform, users still lodge complaints with us.”,” said Meša.

He also added that another problem new users come across is sending their cryptocurrencies to the wrong address:

“We know how frustrating this can be and we empathise - the cryptocurrency world is a challenge to navigate. We often find ourselves having to explain to users that we don’t have access or control over their cryptocurrencies.”

The future of crypto support teams

"As our users are gradually learning, we try to always stay one step ahead.”

Over time, as users become more accustomed to using cryptocurrencies, the hope is that the role of Bity’s crypto support team would evolve from being the frontline educators to providing more support for serious technical issues that involve our platform itself.

Looking ahead, Meša sees the role of crypto support teams as one that’s constantly evolving: “The support in the crypto world is very interesting and very moving. Every day there are new things to integrate, to improve, to learn about. As our users are gradually learning, we try to always stay one step ahead.”

It’s important to also be receptive to major changes or new elements appearing in the crypto ecosystem that causes our users to need additional support.

The Bity support team will always have work to do in order to filter and communicate better key information to our users when needed.

Remaining dedicated to mass adoption

Bity remains dedicated to guiding and educating users, until everyone fully understands how to operate in the cryptocurrency space in a safe and responsible manner.

This will take time and patience, but in the end it is only through the empowerment of users with knowledge and skills that will drive mass adoption.

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