Our CEO speaks about his journey from UN lawyer to starting a crypto exchange

Our CEO, Alexis Roussel, was a guest on The Blockchain And Us podcast, hosted by author Manuel Stagars, which highlights personal stories and experiences in conversations with global pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs in the crypto and blockchain universe.

Alexis speaks about his journey from being a lawyer at the United Nations to starting the Swiss Pirate Party, how governments misunderstand digital technology, Bitcoin and Wikileaks, the early days of Bitcoin in Switzerland, money as information, the friction between traditional companies and cryptocurrencies, starting his own crypto exchange, different approaches to regulation of cryptocurrencies, the real value of the blockchain, and why cryptocurrencies are so hard to understand.

“We’re just starting the digital industrial revolution, with cryptocurrency being one of the key elements,” said Alexis.

“If you compare the previous physical industrial revolution, it had to go through a lot of phases and one of those was phases was to get rid of the old system - the old monarchy based on rules that didn’t fit the new economy, which was paper and free market based… We will have to go through this. Once we generate new types of governance systems...it will push us into the real digital industrial revolution.”

Listen to their entire podcast here.