Our CEO announced as official keynote speaker for the 2019 Geneva Blockchain Congress

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Alexis Roussel, has been announced as the official keynote speaker for the annual 2019 Geneva Blockchain Congress.

About the conference

The topic of the conference is "Fintech for the Economic Market: Blockchain applications for business". Conference presenters will be addressing fundamental issues related to the blockchain universe such as legality, governance, and ethics. By promoting the application of this technological revolution "from laboratory to market", the annual congress will strengthen the political, academic and economic ecosystem of the region.

Why Alexis accepted the keynote speaker invitation

Alexis' decision to accept the keynote speaker invitation was due to the fact that the conference organizers managed to include some of the top blockchain institutions and industry leaders in Switzerland as participants of the event. These speakers and presenters are serious, passionate, and well-informed about the blockchain and represent the local ecosystem very well.

About the speech and where to find Alexis at the event

Alexis' keynote speech will be focusing on real existing cases including:

  • Companies created with crypto capital.
  • Companies issuing their shares as tokens.
  • How crypto makes international settlements easier.
  • How non-reversible transactions increase trust.

Alexis, along with our COO Yves Honore, will be attending and available at the event all day, so feel free to stop in and say hello when you see them.

Learn more and attend the event

The event takes place Jan 21st, 2019 at the Palexpo exhibition center in Geneva Switzerland. To learn more about the event, program, presenters, and to get your tickets, please head over to the [official Geneva Blockchain Congress event website here](https://www.genevablockchaincongress.com" target="_blank).