2018 overview, 2019 goals, and a thank you to our community

2018 was a busy year for our team.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build useful and reliable crypto finance tools and products for the new digital economy.

We want to take this time to go over what we accomplished and learned in 2018, what we have planned for 2019, our thoughts on the current crypto winter, and give all of you a special thank you and best wishes for this new year.

What we accomplished in 2018

Some of our accomplishments in 2018 included:

We attended and participated in quite a few key crypto focused events and conferences like EthCC, Devcon4 and 35c3.

We began sponsoring one eSports team and one Indie Swiss videogame league to help them achieve their goals. We decided to sponsor them because they share the same kind of passion, values, and drive like we do but in their own space.

We built many new friendships and partnerships with companies and individuals across the community.

We were mentioned in the media quite a lot, including in the Financial Times!

We were also included in Crypto Valley Lab's Top 50 List for the Blockchain Industry in Switzerland & Liechtenstein.

2018 key learnings

Throughout the craze, we've seen a steady increase in real use cases of cryptocurrency. Every day, more and more companies are building up their capital, paying for invoices, salaries, and taxes with crypto. We've also seen more and more companies researching and implementing blockchain technology to improve upon their infrastructures and services.

These increases in real use cases are an important step forward for the technology. The more crypto is used for real services, and to complete day-to-day tasks, the more it moves away from being seen or used only as an investment commodity. This will slowly help stabilize the economy and move us closer to mass adoption.

Our community has been hit hard by the current crypto winter. Many of us find ourselves having to make drastic changes and hard decisions in order to soldier through.

With the crypto market taking a downward turn, it can be hard to remember that the true ‘worth’ of any cryptocurrency lies beyond its price.

It’s important now, more than ever, to remind ourselves of a simple yet powerful ethos: Decentralized technologies will define a new financial era.

We can use these technologies to address the flaws of our current financial system, which fails to serve those who need it most and which has remained unchanged and unchallenged for decades.

Our 2019 goals

As always, we are still driven by the same vision since we first started on this journey 5 years ago: to build a fair and accessible world economy for all.

This year, we will be focusing on improving and building upon our core services based on real use cases. This will include continued improvement of our Crypto Exchange API, internet money engine, the launch of additional products and services, improving upon our non-mandatory communications, and more.

We can’t wait to show you all that we plan to offer in 2019. Please keep an eye out here for updates or sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to receive news, promotions, and more, right to your email. Remember, you can always opt-out at a later time.

Thank you to our amazing community

Looking back at all we achieved in 2018, we want to acknowledge every single user, collaborator, and partner that has contributed to our success. Thank you for your ongoing support and faith in us.

We are fortunate to interact daily with a diverse community of people all over the world, united by the shared belief in the power and potential of blockchain technology.

From our entire team, we wish you all an amazing 2019!