Currently hiring: English to French Translator

Sept 19th update: We are now just looking to fill the French translator position.

Bity, Switzerland’s leading crypto finance services provider, is after a talented multi-linguist who can translate written English into French and German at a native-proficient level, while keeping in tone with our branding. Learn more about the position below to see if it's right for you!

While we’d like to hire a single person to handle this, but we will consider two people if necessary - one for German and one for French.

About Bity

Bity is exploring and challenging the boundaries of traditional finance by opening up the world to a decentralized economy through the blockchain. We strive to create a future where any transaction that can be made with fiat money can also be made with cryptocurrencies, but empowering people to always be in complete control of their own funds.

As a Swiss-based FinTech startup, we are positioned at the intersection of finance, technology and innovation.

Candidate specification

Ideally you will have:

  • Business level certificates in English, French and German translation, or some proof of ability.
  • Past experience working in translating or interpretive services.
  • Experience in the tech or FinTech industry is preferred as there will be a lot of technology specific content and jargon.
  • Familiarity with the cryptocurrency / blockchain space is a major plus.
  • Previous experience with, or the ability to quickly learn, task and project management cloud services like Slack, Gitlab and Transifex.
  • Familiarity with markdown is a plus.

Ideally you will be local to Neuchatel, such as Geneva or Zurich based, so that you can come into our office initially to meet the team, learn about the company, and work in-house for a few weeks to familiarize yourself with the workflow and processes.

We will consider non-local freelance applications for remote work as well.


Translating all of Bity’s communications and marketing content, including website copy, brochures, product offerings text, press releases, presentations, legal and terms of service text (technical), social media posts, blog articles, back-end system automated emails such as "Change your password", "Closed your account" and other technical and customer service support requests.


Initially there will be a lot of front-loaded work, as we require a lot of text to be translated quickly and efficiently to avoid postponing our current implementations and launches. Following this, you will likely only have a few hours of work a week at the very most to handle blog post translations, social media post translations, and various small tasks that pop up from time to time.

There may be opportunities for additional work hours and support needed in implementing our translated blogs, content, and scheduling posts via our social channels.

Ready to apply?

If you’d like to join our dynamic team and get involved in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, please get in touch!

Complete your application by sending the below details to

  • Your CV and resume.
  • Your proficiency level with English French / German and any certificates.
  • Please submit at least three examples of marketing and / or technical text you translated from English to French / German - provide both the English and ‘After translation’ French / German.

Please answer these questions as well:

  • Are you comfortable with translating technical terms such as support requests and do you have familiarity with the crypto / blockchain community.
  • How long it takes you to complete an average 750 - 1000 words of text on a page from English to French / German AND French / German to English.
  • How many hours a week you are willing and able to dedicate to Bity in total. Minimum and maximum amounts.
  • What hourly rate you are looking to be paid.
  • Where you are located. (If local or looking for remote work.)
  • If you have familiarity with task management and communication software like Gitlab, transfix, and slack.
  • If you have your own laptop computer and the ability to encrypt it.
  • If you have experience with markdown.
  • If you have any familiarity and a willingness to schedule social media posts via Hootesuite on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.