Bity in Crypto Valley Top 50 List for Blockchain Companies in Switzerland

Bity, the crypto finance services provider founded in 2014 that aims to be the Swiss gateway to cryptocurrencies, has been selected to be a part of the Crypto Valley Top 50 List for the Blockchain Industry in Switzerland & Liechtenstein by Crypto Valley Venture Capital fund (CV VC).

“We are very happy to be selected as one of the top 50 blockchain companies by CV VC. It’s rewarding to see all the hard work we’ve put into Bity these last four years be recognized,” said Alexis Roussel, Founder & CEO of Bity.

The list compiled by CV VC comprises 50 of the most important blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein out of over 600 companies assessed from data collected by CV VC in collaboration with PwC and inacta.

“Companies qualifying for this crypto super-league must meet three criteria: Firstly, blockchain technology has to be part of the company’s core business, secondly, it must employ more than one person in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, and lastly, it should make some contribution to the blockchain ecosystem and the wider Crypto Valley community,” the CV VC report stated.

Bity, which has grown into a team of more than 30 employees, was founded on the conviction that blockchains, and other technologies for decentralization, “will have some of the most profound social implications in history”.

Bity’s platform enables users to buy, sell and swap/exchange Bitcoin and Ether for Euros or Swiss Francs.

It also has a wide network of cryptocurrency ATM (CTM) kiosks across Switzerland, located in Zurich, Zug, and Lausanne with more locations and additional token support coming soon.

One of its main goals is to be the bridge between the traditional financial world and crypto finance world.

Sticking to its mission, Bity became one of the first cryptocurrency startups in Switzerland to have a financial intermediary license not long after it launched in 2014.

“We have spent a lot of time building the infrastructure and technology behind our services, and now we are ready and prepared to scale up our business,” said Roussel.

Bity, which closed its series A financing round in 2017, has already secured its first investments in their current series B fundraising round. The CV VC report stated that Bity’s valuation is $100 million.


About Bity:

Bity is a fully regulated brokerage company based in Switzerland, providing leading cryptof inance services for clients all over the world. It is the gateway between the fiat and crypto worlds, connecting both by building trust. Bity’s mission is to build a financial world based on open blockchain networks.