Crypto finance beyond the ‘boom’: our CEO for SwissInfo

In late 2017, the bitcoin price skyrocketed and got the financial world talking about the credibility of cryptocurrencies.

In an opinion piece for SwissInfo our CEO Alexis says that as crypto finance starts to come out of the woods, governments, banks and industry players in the global financial system need to make sure they understand its core values.

Shedding traditions

As they delve deeper into the new digital world, these traditional financial players should uphold blockchain’s values such as decentralization and community, while acknowledging that trust and transparency is built into its framework.

It is our hope that the inherent structure of crypto finance will also be free from the hierarchical layers of traditional organizations which often require lengthy, bureaucratic processes to reform.

Alexis writes that crypto finance, as an alternative to the current system, “will enable anyone from anywhere in the world to access a truly global financial system and play their part in shaping it via open source software.”

A blockchain solution

Our team believes that crypto finance can solve the financial inclusion problem by bringing financial services to the two billion people globally who are currently unbanked due to cost, distance and lack of infrastructure.

But to achieve this, we need collaboration from all sectors - citizens, governments and business.

Together we can “reinvent the world's financial infrastructure for the better, from the ground up.”

You can read Alexis’ full opinion piece here