Announcing Bity KYC-Less Exchange API integration in wallet

The cryptocurrency wallets landscape is a fascinating world. There are wallets as apps, as browser plugins, integrated in browsers, hardware wallets, social recovery wallets, smart-contracts wallets, etc... The form of wallets varies a lot while the users make their way to find the best wallet suited for their own personal usage. There is currently no lack of innovation in that field.

In this wallet jungle, LiteIM is definitely unique. They've built the wallet in the middle of what makes us digital beings, our social networks.

LiteIM makes sending and receiving bitcoin and ether over Telegram and Facebook messenger easier than ever with a wallet that you control using simple commands. No need for a dedicated app, you can use your wallet directly inside your favorite instant messaging platform. LiteIM allows you to control your wallet by interacting with a dedicated chatbot. Learn more about LiteIM.

So today, we are proud to present the integration of our Crypto Exchange API that allows LiteIM users to buy and sell bitcoins and ether for Euros or Swiss francs up to 5000 CHF per day without KYC through their bank account. Our API allows any app to provide a compliant Crypto-to-Fiat exchange with little effort.

Where to start?

  1. Go on and register your phone number. Or go directly on Telegram or Facebook Messenger.
  2. Start chatting to the chatbot on Telegram or Facebook Messenger to set up your wallet.
  3. Select the "Buy/Sell" button and choose Buy or Sell

Discover how the Bity Exchange API makes buying and selling cryptocurrency integration easy.

With the Bity Crypto Exchange API, powered by our own Internet Money Engine, you or your customers can complete fiat to crypto (buy), crypto to fiat (sell), and crypto to crypto (swap), exchanges on up to 5,000 CHF daily per wallet address/IBAN, without the need to create an account or complete KYC verification with us. This feature is possible due to Switzerland's fair regulation on exchange transactions, our continued Swiss AML compliance, and our new wallet-ownership-proof verification technology.

The API was already successfully integrated by wallets like MyEtherWallet or Merchant apps like Inapay. More integrations are on their way!

Monetizing projects in the crypto space is not always easy. We understand this and we will be sharing our profits with you if your integration is eligible for partnership. Once your partnership is endorsed, we will share 10 - 30% of our profit margins with you on every executed order.

If you're ready to learn more, head over to our Crypto Exchange API product page for everything you need to get started.

Are you a developer? Just import our ready-to-use npm packages!